Boys 16-18

Josh Heidenry                71        1st Place

Steven Wendling            73        2nd Place

Joe Avery                        76        3rd Place

Riley Burns                     77 

Trey Lyons                      78        

Tadiwa Dzuda                 79

Jimmy McLaughlin         81

Tyler Dawson                  81

Gus Winter                      89

Sean Hogan                    89


Boys 14-15

Blake Mazzola                 71        1st Place

Thomas Bourke                76        2nd Place

Sam Fix                            78        3rd Place

Blake Skornia                   79

Jack Wooldridge               79

Tyler Linnebroker             83

Cole Verlhulst                   84

Nick Seifried                    84

JT Williamson                   88

Teddy McNulty                 91

Jared Busch                       96

Louis Cornett                    102

Karson Taylor                   104

Mason Kennedy                124

Roman Graiff                    WD

Max Boland                      WD

Curt Hastie                        NC

Alex Rackers                     NC


Boys 12-13


Mason Skornia              49        1st Place

Luke Eisenhardt            55

Dominic Mazzola          56

18 holes

John Guerra                    82        1st Place

Connor Williamson         86        2nd Place

Luke McLaughlin           95

Jack Dawson                  101

Henry Serafin                  NC

Ryan Miller                    WD

Andrew Benedict           WD

Luke Orlando                 WD



Boys 9-11

Eric Ewing                    53        1st Place

Henry Kittner                69        2nd Place


Girls 14-15

Grace Claney                44        1st Place

Emma Winter                52        2nd Place


Girls 12-13

Avery McLaughlin     58     1st Place (t)

Abby Winter‚Äč              58     1st Place (t)


Volunteers Needed

If you are interested in volunteering for the junior golf events in 2017, please e-mail Jim McLaughlin

Our continued success is dependent on having parents and grandparents volunteer to work the SLICJGA events.  Thank you for your consideration!

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