16-18 Boys

Steven Wendling     72    First Place

Michael Bugyis        77    2nd Place

Jack Wachter            81    3rd Place

Joe Avery                85      

Grant Pfister            86            

16-18 Girls

Meghan Hamilton    41     1st Place

Natalie Telscher      44      2nd Place


14-15 Boys

Same Fix                74        1st Place

Josh Heidenry        78        2nd Place (t)

Curt Hastie              78        2nd Place (t)

Tyler Dawson         79        3rd Place

Jimmy McLaughlin    86

Tyler Linnenbroker    86

Sean Hogan              97      


14-15 Girls

Abagail Schaffer      53        1st Place*


12-13 Boys

John Guerra        32    1st Place (t)

Kal Myers            32    1st Place (t)

Nick Seifried        33        2nd Place (t)

Ryan Walsh        33        2nd Place (t)

Jack Wooldridge   36   

Riley Reynoso        36

Tyler Twardowski    36

Dean Schwager        37

Colby Sauer            37

Scott Reese            38

Kirk Ellis                41

Sam Williams        42

Phillip Robson        42

Al Turneel            51


9-11 Boys

Ryan Miller                35    1st Place

Bubba Chapman       39    2nd Place

Thomas Schuert    42

Bryce Schultz    43

Christian Lyons    46

Henry Kittner    48

Tyler Schaeffer    50

9-11 Girls

Reece Robson        46       1st Place*

*Winners with no opponents in an age division do not receive an exemption for the championship.


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Volunteers Needed

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Our continued success is dependent on having parents and grandparents volunteer to work the SLICJGA events.  Thank you for your consideration!

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