16-18 Boys

Joe Avery        80        First Place

Grant Pfister    84        2nd Place

Louis Aquino    91         3rd Place

Julian Ball        94

16-18 Girls

Paige Sanfelippo    41        1st Place

Meghan Hamilton    48        2nd Place

Carleigh Murphy    63        3rd Place

14-15 Boys

Josh Heidenry        76        1st Place

Balke Mazzola        77        2nd Place

Tyler Dawson         81        3rd Place (t)

Henry Mikula        81        3rd Place (t)

14-15 Girls


Emma Buell        43        1st Place

Ainsley Burns    48        2nd Place

12-13 Boys

Jack Wooldridge    36        1st Place

Nick Seifried    39        2nd Place

John Guerra    42    3rd Place

9-11 Boys

Bubba Chapman    43     1st Place

Charlie Kramer        46    2nd Place

9-11 Girls

Kathryn Schwaneke    61        1st Place

Claire Kapilla            76        2nd Place

Upcoming events

There are no up-coming events

Volunteers Needed

If you are interested in volunteering for the junior golf events in 2021, please e-mail Mike Reynoso

Our continued success is dependent on having parents and grandparents volunteer to work the SLICJGA events.  Thank you for your consideration!

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